Terms & Conditions for Payment


Payment conditions play a pivotal role in confirming your bookings for treks and tours, including domestic flights and helicopter services. We kindly request that you carefully review and comprehend our payment terms and conditions at Adventure Club Pvt Ltd to facilitate the payment process for your journeys across Nepal, Tibet, and India. By making a payment, you acknowledge your agreement to adhere to our terms and conditions regarding treks and tours. Should you have any concerns or queries pertaining to these conditions, please do not hesitate to contact us via phone or email.


Booking Methodology


To book your trip with Adventure Club Pvt Ltd, you have two options for payment: in-person cash payment or through our secure online payment system. We gladly accept cash payments without any issues. If you prefer a customized or tailor-made itinerary, you can make payments via bank transfers or other online payment methods.

To ensure a hassle-free transaction process, you can easily make payments for your treks and tours using the following details: 


Via Online Payment System/ Bank Transfers 


Account Name - Adventure Club Pvt. Ltd.


Account No. - 01911174620012 USD


Bank Name and Address - Himalayan Bank Ltd.


Branch - Thamel Branch 


Swift code - HIMANPKA


Upon completing the payment, you will receive an online payment confirmation or a money-paid invoice.


Guidelines for Booking


To commence, select the treks, tours, or helicopter trips that pique your interest. At Adventure Club Pvt Ltd, we offer a broad range of trekking and tour packages, allowing you to choose the one that aligns with your requirements and fits your schedule. You can refer to the Fixed Departure schedules or directly opt for a specific trip and proceed with the booking. Alternatively, feel free to reach out to us or send a quick inquiry regarding the trip you wish to embark upon. We also provide customized trip packages tailored to your preferences.


Efficient Contact for Booking Trips in Nepal:


Nepal Mobile: +977-9851100459 (Available 24/7 on  WhatsApp, Viber, or Telegram)

Contact Person: Deepak Dhakal


Conditions for Booking


We have established an online booking system for all helicopter trips, tours, and treks in Nepal. When booking any trip, it is mandatory to make a 100% payment of the total trip cost to secure your departure on the specified date. However, if you prefer to confirm your trip through a partial booking, you have the option to pay a minimum of 30% to 50% of the total trip cost, depending on whether it is a fixed departure tour or a customized itinerary.


For trekking or tour itineraries that involve additional domestic flights, special permits (restricted area permits), or accommodation in 5-star hotels located in mountainous regions or cities, a minimum of 50% of the booking amount is required. The remaining 50% to 70% of the payment can be made either at our head office in Kathmandu or upon your arrival in Nepal before the trip departure. The funds received from bookings will be allocated to arrange special entry permits, hotel reservations, domestic flights, and helicopter bookings, as well as pick-up and drop-off transportation services from hotels/airports, among other services.


Deposits for Tours/Trips


To initiate a deposit, you can utilize our customized online link and manually provide the necessary details. This includes specifying the number of participants in your group, the trip date, international flight details, your preferred hotels in Nepal, and the name of the intended trip. You can access the dedicated online booking link to complete this process.


Cancellation of Trips with No Charge


At Adventure Club Pvt Ltd, we offer the flexibility of free trip cancellation up to 90 days prior to the scheduled departure for helicopter trips, tours, and treks in Nepal, Bhutan, and India. After this period, the minimum deposit becomes non-refundable.


Essential Information to Consider


Once you have booked a trip with us, we guarantee its operation. However, it is important to note that some helicopter tours or treks in special areas may not proceed if the number of participants is insufficient, if government policies for issuing special permits are not met, or if the minimum number of seats required for a fixed departure tour is not reached. In such cases, we will notify you at least one week in advance for most tours, and for helicopter tours or services, you will receive a day's notice. This will provide you with the option to either postpone the trip to the next day or cancel the trip and receive a full refund if the cancellation is initiated by our company (the operator). We make every effort to ensure that the tour is conducted the following day or provide suitable alternative tour options or treks.


Cancellation of tours or treks is not a common occurrence, as we strive to avoid it. However, there is a minimal chance (1%) that group joining tours may be canceled by us, even at the last minute. To date, we have not recorded any cancellations initiated by our company. Our objective is to provide the best and most reliable services to all our customers, ensuring mutual benefits.

We recognize the significance of flexibility for our esteemed guests. Therefore, we are open to rescheduling your trip without any additional fees if you need to postpone it to a different date. However, in the event of trip cancellation due to natural disasters, weather disturbances, viral diseases, political issues, or other unforeseen circumstances beyond our control, it may not be feasible to proceed with the tour or trek. In such cases, our trip cancellation and refund policy will be applicable as outlined below:


Cancellation & Refund Policy for Nepal Tours & Treks:


  •      Free cancellation before 90 days of tour departure.


  •      Adventure Club will charge 30% of the total tour cost for cancellations made before 89 days of departure.


  •      Adventure Club will charge 40% of the total tour cost for cancellations made before 50 days of departure.


  •      Adventure Club will charge 50% of the total tour cost for cancellations made before 20 days of departure.


  •      For cancellations made less than 20 days before departure, Adventure Club Pvt Ltd will retain 75% of the total tour cost as a cancellation charge.


  •      No refund will be provided for cancellations made on or after the trip departure date.


Note: Trip Postponement Facilities


In the event that Adventure Club Pvt Ltd cancels your trip due to unforeseen weather conditions, government restrictions, floods, viral diseases, landslides, political unrest, or the cancellation of your international flights, we will provide alternative trip options or the facility to postpone your trip for up to 3 years. Our operators will make every effort to offer feasible alternatives in such circumstances. However, cash refunds will not be applicable under these circumstances.


If you decide to postpone your trip, the booking will remain valid for up to 3 years from the date of postponement. After this period, if the trip is not rescheduled, it will be considered a no-show, and full payment will still be required if only the deposit was made. Cancellation will not be possible.


Agreement Note:


  •      By agreeing to the terms and conditions, customers acknowledge that rates for domestic flights, helicopters, tours, or treks may be subject to change. If your trip is postponed for a minimum of 1 year or more, you should accept any rate increments or changes based on the price adjustments outlined on our official websites.


Insurance Coverage and Losses


Please be informed that we do not offer insurance policies to cover losses or trip cancellations. However, if your cancellation is covered under the terms of your personal insurance policy, you may be able to claim the charges from your insurance company. We are prepared to assist you by providing the necessary official or governmental proof and supportive documents at no additional cost.


Policy for Helicopter Tours & Heli Pick-up or Drop-off Services


For helicopter tours or any helicopter-related activities (such as pick-up and drop-off services, treks involving helicopters, etc.) in Nepal, it is mandatory to make a 100% payment of the total package cost to secure your booking with a guaranteed departure on the designated date. The operation of helicopter flights is subject to weather conditions, aerial routes, and helicopter availability.


In the event that a helicopter cannot operate on the scheduled date due to unpredictable changes in weather conditions or if other guests cancel their participation (especially in group joining trips), the flight will be rescheduled for the next suitable day(s) until the situation improves or stabilizes. We reserve the right to provide you with the same services on subsequent days or during alternative hours on the same day once the circumstances or weather return to normal.


If you wish to cancel any helicopter-related activities without our permission, we will be unable to provide any refunds. Cancellation is only applicable if the operator is unable to deliver the promised services despite clear weather conditions suitable for helicopter activities.


Regarding helicopter-related activities other than pure helicopter tours, such as pick-up and drop-off services from or to any location in Nepal (especially in the Everest region), trip cancellation with a refund is not possible. For example, if you have booked a helicopter pick-up service from the Everest region to other places in Nepal and later decide to cancel, you will be held responsible for the full quoted price of the helicopter flight. This means you will be charged the full amount for the helicopter service, regardless of whether you take the flight or not.


Pure Helicopter Tour: In the event that a pure helicopter tour, such as the Mount Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour or similar Heli tours, cannot be conducted on the promised day due to bad weather, we will provide you with alternative tour options of similar nature. Alternatively, the helicopter tour will be automatically rescheduled for the next day based on our previous plan or itinerary.


Recommendation: We highly recommend allowing for additional spare day(s) in your plans when scheduling helicopter-related activities to account for any unforeseen circumstances.


If we approve the cancellation of a trip on the same day (the date of your trip), considering the prevailing situation, we are pleased to offer a full or partial refund in USD cash or via credit card.


Refund Claim Procedure and Expected Duration


  •      Claims for refunds must be submitted within 30 days from the date of trip cancellation for any customized itineraries, helicopter-related trips, tours, or trekking packages listed on our official websites. To initiate the refund claim, please send an email to our official email address (the same email used for making the booking).


  •      To process the refund, we kindly request that you provide evidence of the refund amount, such as an email, WhatsApp message, or any other proof, from the operator. This will serve as the required documentation for your bank to process the refund. Failure to provide such proof may hinder the refund process.


  •      Claims made after 30 days will not be considered valid.


  •      Upon receiving your email regarding the trip cancellation, we will review it and determine the exact amount to be refunded, provided it meets our privacy and policy criteria. Subsequently, we will send you an email specifying the precise refund amount.


  •      To receive a refund via credit card, customers must initiate the refund process themselves, or we can process it on their behalf for convenience. The refund amount can be expected to be received on your credit card approximately 2 months later.


Causes of Losses, Particularly in Helicopter Pick-up and Drop-off Trips


  •      In situations where both parties agree to commence helicopter tours from Kathmandu, Pokhara, the Himalayas, or any other cities in Nepal, and adverse weather conditions prevent the tour from reaching the intended destination, the customers will bear the costs associated with the helicopter, including its return. This policy applies even if the tour is canceled midway due to unfavorable weather conditions.


  •      Sometimes, customers request helicopter pick-up or drop-off services, and the operator arranges the helicopter as per the customer's request. However, en-route disturbances may occur, causing delays in reaching the pick-up point on time. These delays could be attributed to factors such as helicopter company policies, weather conditions, airport sequences, or busy schedules, especially during peak seasons, which may involve emergency situations. During this period, unexpected helicopter flights may be conducted. In such cases, the customer should understand that the billing for the additional flight service is attributed to Adventure Club Pvt Ltd, which means the customer is responsible for all losses incurred for the helicopter flight costs related to the requested services.


  •      If you hire a helicopter and do not utilize it for the trip, you will be charged the full cost of the trip. For example, if you book a helicopter for pick-up from Gorakshep (Everest) or any other point in the Himalayas to Kathmandu or any other cities but later decide to cancel, you will be liable to pay the full amount for the trip.


  •      However, we are flexible when it comes to changing the trip date (preponing or postponing) based on your request, as long as it aligns with your other suitable dates.


Last-Minute Bookings


We accept last-minute bookings up to 0 days prior to the departure date. In such cases, a 100% payment is required. (ONLY APPLICABLE TO NEPAL TRIPS)


Requirements: For flight bookings, trekking, and other processes, a photocopy of your passport is necessary.


Insurance for Trekking and Tour Staff


At Adventure Club Pvt Ltd, insurance coverage for all staff members is the responsibility of the company. However, please note that we do not guarantee insurance coverage for our clients' travel and health. It is the client's own responsibility to arrange for their insurance coverage. Therefore, we kindly request clients to submit their insurance policy documents at the time of booking their respective trips with us.